Specific Files

Specific Files is a WordPress plugin that allows you to include CSS or JS files into specific pages around your WordPress website. With this plugin you will be able to include certain CSS or JS files in only selected pages, instead of including them everywhere.

Download here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/specific-files-for-posts-and-pages/

It places meta boxes in the WordPress page/post editor so it’s easy to select which files you want to include with the page or post that you’re currently editing. This plugin works well for all websites – large and small – and it works well with networked WordPress (WordPress MU).

Some potential uses include:

  • Including a jQuery plugin only on page(s) that need it. No need to include the hefty JavaScript file for all pages just to make it work for some.
  • Including a stylesheet for microformats such as vCard. No need to include vcard.css on every page! – Only those that have the microformat on them.
  • The possibilities are endless, but I only made this plugin for one of these reasons. If you have found a use for my plugin, leave a reply here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will updating remove my CSS and JS files?
No. Only plugin core files are overwritten during an update.

I deleted a file with my FTP client. Now I’m getting 404 errors in my server logs. What’s going on?
When you delete one of your CSS or JS files with your FTP client, the plugin won’t automatically remove all references to that file (in case you were simply deleting to reupload it again or some other case. It tries to preserve the calls to your files. In order to remove these calls, use the plugin’s options page. Using the delete button on the plugin’s options page will remove the file and all references to that file in your posts and pages.

May I translate for you?
Absolutely! Specific Files is ready to be translated. Please look at the .pot file in the /languages/ folder of the current version of Specific Files. If you are new to translating in WordPress, check out this handy article in the WordPress codex. Once you have the .po and .mo file ready, please email them to me at dwieeb@gmail.com. Keep in mind – I may contact you for further translations in future versions! If you say no, I’ll have to remove the language because it would be incompatible with the new version. Thanks!

If you have questions or comments, please reply here or email me at dwieeb@gmail.com.

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